What Can I Expect Regarding My Benefit Payment?

You’ve gone through an appeal and are now finally entitled to your Social Security disability payments. A Denver Social Security disability attorney can give you the best information about your particular benefits award, but here are the answers to frequently asked questions:

The Social Security Administration will send you a Notice of Award.

The SSA will send you a “Notice of Award.” The Notice will tell you your date of entitlement, the amount of your back benefits, and the total amount of benefits you will receive. The Notice will also indicate the amount of any benefits that were directly applied to attorney’s fees. It may also provide information about your eligibility for Medicare and Medicare premium. It might also let you know when to expect a “continuing disability review.”
You should receive the Notice of Award after you receive your past-due benefits or direct deposit of benefits.

Your Social Security file shows the amount of your first month’s benefits.

Although the amount of your first month’s benefits is shown in your Social Security file, the SSA may recalculate your benefit to reflect any unposted earnings and cost-of-living increases.

Benefits begin to accrue on the later of 12 months before the application date or five months after the date you were found to be disabled.

Unfortunately, disability benefits don’t start on the date you’re found disabled. There is a five-calendar-month waiting period, and payments of back benefits are limited to 12 months before the application date. Your benefits should begin to accrue with the month of your “date of entitlement.”

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